Modern day Frankenstein: giving images LIFE! Zaria Forman

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Every image that 23-year-old Zaria Forman creates sends me into sensory overload. Its tangible, it breathes, it tantalite’s the eyes, and I always, always leave each image in awe. I first discovered Forman’s images two years ago by chance. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw one of her stunning works of art. Of course I clicked and the lurking began! First things first is these images are NOT PHOTOGRAPHS! I repeat they are NOT PHOTO’S! She creates each image with her fingers. She smudges, draws and smears pastels across her canvas creating images that fools the senses into believing that your actually there.

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Forman creates landscapes. She immanently captures the breath of the Ice capped mountains of Svalbard Norway to the waters of Nosara Costa Rica, and every drawing seems impossible. I personally have never been to the Maldives or Israel and live in a country where the beach life is rare and last 2 months out of the year, but through her images I can imaging myself there. I can smell the air of the Maldives Island and sit on the beaches whenever I want. When it’s grey outside for five months straight her images breathe life and hope aspiring of a tomorrow. She provides a mental vacation.

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Or maybe it’s simply the water. Most of Forman’s pieces are images of large bodies of water. Crashing in, rolling, or just standing still. The moment she crates with her weapons of choice she brings life to stillness. We are beings comprised of 60% water so the attraction is one that is innate; a sort of spiritual awakening a connection.

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Maybe it’s the way the light reflects the ocean in her images. Her ability to capture light the way it shimmers bends and dances across the water at just the right spot giving a lifeless blank sheet of 8ft paper life. Haphazardly when looking at her prints I find myself trying to catch shards of light on my hand to feel its warmth,  only to realize it’s only an image.   Beauty with no beast. Magical.


Zaria’s prints can be purchased at

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When ice melts: Haitus Kaiyote


It’s like musical icicles melting one note at a time because the sun has decided to shine. A bit sharp in some places but mainly smooth, and cold to the touch, it can pack a donkey load of heat if used as a weapon. Hold that image in the pleasure centre of your mind and you get Hiatus Kaiyote . Defined as “hiatus is taking a pause in your life to take in your surroundings, have a full panoramic view of your experiences and absorbing, and “kaiyote” is expressing them in a way involves the listeners creativity.” via okayplayer. A kinda new, kinda upcoming, band that many should keep an ear open for. They have the ability to mesh sultry jazz, funk, rock and soul nowadays thought to be from a time of the past and revive it so it becomes relevant today.


A band composed of four members: Nai Palm (vocalist/guitarist), Paul Bender (Bassist), Perrin Moses (drummer) and finally Simon Mavin (keyboardist) write their lyrics collectively along with their music. The genre that has been bestowed onto them has been the easily coined “Neo Soul” but their sound is much more than that. It’s an affectation of what has happened to them at a certain space and time and they have captured it. They sing about what matters to them, add honestly to lyrics, and package it for us the listener. How do I know you ask…it can be felt throughout each snarl and cantation Palm releases on the mic and the emotion imparted by the band. It is in each crescendo and decrescendo heard through out their pieces of music and it’s because they love what they do and do it for love!

Hiatus Kaiyote started out in Australia 2011 and in 2013 was nominated for a Grammy for best R&B performance for their song “Nakamarra” which was preformed featuring Q.Tip. Since then, the band has gone on to perform at SXSW, the Queen Latifa show and many other venues. Ever since their debut release of “Tawk Tomahawk” in 2012 the anticipation for their new material is palpable. Seems like people can’t get enough of the bands self-described “Multi-Dimensional, Polyrhythmic Gangster Shit.”

Here’s to doing the things that you love.


P.S Hiatus Kaiyote’s sophomore album  “Choose Your Weapon” LP can be pre ordered on iTunes today.


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It begins again…



Sooooo I’m writing again… and its not like I actually stopped, but I was not writing for me. Life just got in the way and I put me on the back burner so that I could maintain the external aspects of my life. In the interim I forgot about my spirit. There are two things that resonate with me over and over again. When I have tried to deny and ignore and move on to new things, two aspects that always come back to haunt me like an achilles heel are music and writing.

Here’s hoping I stay on my own personal track and don’t get caught up with life w/o thinking of myself fulfilled in this life and maybe the next.

Thank you for supporting.



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Simply the Music :Review Ayo album titled Billie Eve


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Apart haunting my mind since 2006 this singer songwriter has definitely made an impression and continues to climb the charts in Europe.  Ayo (meaning “joy” in Nigerian Yorba) has been rendering her listeners at peace since I saw her in concert. Her vibe comes across just like her personality, peaceful, honest and sweet. Its ear candy

that has listeners tingling, from head to toe.

Ayo is the daughter of a Nigerian Father and Romanian Roma (Gypsy) mother she spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany. This explains the European feel her voice and her album produces. Her music is fusion of reggae, folk, and blues but ultimately her delivery is what sets her apart from the pact. Her girlish light but spot on vocals are primarily in English but touches of Nigerian pigeon.

 She sings and performs very simple songs, no need for the elctro beats, no need for a lights show, no need for costume changes; it’s all about the music. Her album Joyful contains sparse arrangements allowing, listening to quickly wrap their head around the theme of her songs, appreciate their uniqueness, clarity, strength and nuances of her voice. Her topic of choice is affairs of the heart but also tackle themes of self-doubt and depression.

Her latest album titled Billie-Eve  is a play on the word “believe” and pulsates to her own personal credo to always keep evolving. Recorded in New York with the help of exceptional musicians such as rapper Saul Williams and the bass player of David Bowie she is sure to take you on a musical journey that won’t stop until you’ve experienced emotion in your box of crayons.

Ayo is not going away; she will haunt you just like she has haunted me. Being haunted by music is not a bad thing especially when it comes with a guitar, percussion and an Afro beat. Her masterful way of intertwining her words into musical jewel-cases delivers soul and magic.

Keep a look out for Ayo, definately a keeper.


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New Album: Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes

It’s an interesting time when a girl becomes a woman. There is the physical aspect that can sometimes be unbearable, it pulls on the core of a child during a time when they are just starting to figure out who they are and can be downright awkward *sigh*. Then there is the mental side, it works in just the same fashion, and can be just as torturous. In the end the transformation is what makes you who you are. Swedish singer Lykee Li is all grown up, and its clear her sophomore album Wounded Rhymes has made and impact.

Usually described as girly girl upon her release of her 2008 debut album, Youth Novels, which fizzes and sparkles with pop beats, electro groves, meek cutesy coos has guaranteed her,  at the very least a cult following, and  a chance to be featured in Twilight. Not sooo bad Ms. Li.

Wounded Rhymes has taken her to a dark place. It’s a fearless collection for woman of today screeching with tales of vengeance and desolation. Li becoming more confidant as a writer and a more present singer is not holding back with defiance.

Li’s style is still present, by remaining stark and driven by syncopated handclaps and of  course kilter drums, but now, her sound bleeds with heartache that can be felt with each beat. It sounds as if she is casting spells, as head of a coven, instead of serenading daydreams with rainbows and lollies *aaaah soo good.*

Recommend track “Unrequited Love”,  is a thin, group ballad where Li’ morns for her heart as its shattered into pieces, only rifting with a single guitar with the most prettiest but fragile “shoo-wop’s” you’ll probably hear all year round *yes that is a challenge, find a better shoo-woop*.

It’s as disheartening as it is completely lovely. It’s a definite keeper for 2011.

Thank me later.



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Esperanza Spalding, need I say more!

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Anyone who knows anything about music knows that the base is the heart of any musical operation.  It’s  a sound that is  as smooth as freshly whipped cream, it strikes hard at your soul and resonates  until it  settles in and  claims it as its home(what can I say, I’m bias about the bass, it’s my favourite instrument,  its orgasmic on so many levels).   Esperanza Spalding has created a mood that his hard to duplicate. Playing the base cello and a vocalist Spalding oozes emotion creating an experience that cannot be overlooked.

 She’s 21 and in jazz years that’s pretty young, but she was a bassist band leader, a graduate of Berkley College of Music, and currently a faculty member ,  her credentials are certified. Her latest album “Chamber Music Society”   is intriguing to say the least.  The vocals on tracks such as “Little Fly” provide a feathery pillow for each chord to lie. It’s a combo of jazz and chamber music with Brazilian overtones for flavour.

Born in Portland Oregon, if you couldn’t already tell by her name Spalding grew up in a Spanish and English household, but her affair with Brazil seeps into her music adding that crumble to her pie. Vocally a soprano Spalding’s voice is memorable and in perfect harmony with her uncommon sound.  It rises and falls with each note uttered lulling each listener into submission. You can’t say no!! You cannot listen!!

I am not a 90’s jazz listener, definition: I don’t listen to Diana Krall, or anything else that has been sung or written in the last five years. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to jazz, I have come to believe that no one does it better than the greats, the Billie Holidays, the Ella Fitzgerald, the Duke’s and Count Basie, but Spalding has made me convert. She knows she’s great and is.  She has taught herself to play violin in a year; good enough to play in an orchestra, had a spot at Berkely at 16 and a prof by 20.  So far she’s done good, very good, and who knows where she may end up. All I can say is, (note: keep in mind, I don’t say this very often,) if you ever happen to come across a review, or two boasting about how magically fantastic she is, believe the hype!!! It’s all true!!

And now take a moment out for a glass of wine, turn off the tele  and  get absorbed….”Little Fly “ by Esperanza Spalding,  Enjoy!!

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Beautiful Burdens- Images by Alain Delorme

I struggle sometimes to find things that draw interest. Many things have been done already and are not nearly as gripping as the originals but these images have been haunting me since I laid eyes on them weeks ago. Their brilliant texture and juxtaposition of contrasting colours are dazzling, especially for those who have never been to China.


Its an open invitation to experience a glimpse of what we think we know about China verses what actually is.

In the series “Manufactured Totems” Alain Delorme, captures the crumbs that make up the cookie in every day life in Shanghai.

 Women and men ride their bikes around the city seem not to fade into the background even amongst its 1.3 billion residents.  These ladies and gents are migrants, from all over China, are the at the heart of these images delivering goods and services, thereby driving China’s growing economical power. Something about maintaining balance with their huge burdens, and the elegance with which they do it is captivating.

Alain Delorme a realist subtly shows a different aspect of reality, and offers a new view of the same picture. The mile high piles become living sculptures, moving works of art.

The images are polished and pristine but do not take away from the authenticity of their subjects. The vibrant colours jump off the screen like candy (yum!). Their brilliant colour  only highlights the unbelievable feats these people carryout each day.  

Maybe I’m just awestruck….but what-eves, the pictures remain glorious!

Take a gander!


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