When ice melts: Haitus Kaiyote


It’s like musical icicles melting one note at a time because the sun has decided to shine. A bit sharp in some places but mainly smooth, and cold to the touch, it can pack a donkey load of heat if used as a weapon. Hold that image in the pleasure centre of your mind and you get Hiatus Kaiyote . Defined as “hiatus is taking a pause in your life to take in your surroundings, have a full panoramic view of your experiences and absorbing, and “kaiyote” is expressing them in a way involves the listeners creativity.” via okayplayer. A kinda new, kinda upcoming, band that many should keep an ear open for. They have the ability to mesh sultry jazz, funk, rock and soul nowadays thought to be from a time of the past and revive it so it becomes relevant today.


A band composed of four members: Nai Palm (vocalist/guitarist), Paul Bender (Bassist), Perrin Moses (drummer) and finally Simon Mavin (keyboardist) write their lyrics collectively along with their music. The genre that has been bestowed onto them has been the easily coined “Neo Soul” but their sound is much more than that. It’s an affectation of what has happened to them at a certain space and time and they have captured it. They sing about what matters to them, add honestly to lyrics, and package it for us the listener. How do I know you ask…it can be felt throughout each snarl and cantation Palm releases on the mic and the emotion imparted by the band. It is in each crescendo and decrescendo heard through out their pieces of music and it’s because they love what they do and do it for love!

Hiatus Kaiyote started out in Australia 2011 and in 2013 was nominated for a Grammy for best R&B performance for their song “Nakamarra” which was preformed featuring Q.Tip. Since then, the band has gone on to perform at SXSW, the Queen Latifa show and many other venues. Ever since their debut release of “Tawk Tomahawk” in 2012 the anticipation for their new material is palpable. Seems like people can’t get enough of the bands self-described “Multi-Dimensional, Polyrhythmic Gangster Shit.”

Here’s to doing the things that you love.


P.S Hiatus Kaiyote’s sophomore album  “Choose Your Weapon” LP can be pre ordered on iTunes today.


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