Esperanza Spalding, need I say more!

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Anyone who knows anything about music knows that the base is the heart of any musical operation.  It’s  a sound that is  as smooth as freshly whipped cream, it strikes hard at your soul and resonates  until it  settles in and  claims it as its home(what can I say, I’m bias about the bass, it’s my favourite instrument,  its orgasmic on so many levels).   Esperanza Spalding has created a mood that his hard to duplicate. Playing the base cello and a vocalist Spalding oozes emotion creating an experience that cannot be overlooked.

 She’s 21 and in jazz years that’s pretty young, but she was a bassist band leader, a graduate of Berkley College of Music, and currently a faculty member ,  her credentials are certified. Her latest album “Chamber Music Society”   is intriguing to say the least.  The vocals on tracks such as “Little Fly” provide a feathery pillow for each chord to lie. It’s a combo of jazz and chamber music with Brazilian overtones for flavour.

Born in Portland Oregon, if you couldn’t already tell by her name Spalding grew up in a Spanish and English household, but her affair with Brazil seeps into her music adding that crumble to her pie. Vocally a soprano Spalding’s voice is memorable and in perfect harmony with her uncommon sound.  It rises and falls with each note uttered lulling each listener into submission. You can’t say no!! You cannot listen!!

I am not a 90’s jazz listener, definition: I don’t listen to Diana Krall, or anything else that has been sung or written in the last five years. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to jazz, I have come to believe that no one does it better than the greats, the Billie Holidays, the Ella Fitzgerald, the Duke’s and Count Basie, but Spalding has made me convert. She knows she’s great and is.  She has taught herself to play violin in a year; good enough to play in an orchestra, had a spot at Berkely at 16 and a prof by 20.  So far she’s done good, very good, and who knows where she may end up. All I can say is, (note: keep in mind, I don’t say this very often,) if you ever happen to come across a review, or two boasting about how magically fantastic she is, believe the hype!!! It’s all true!!

And now take a moment out for a glass of wine, turn off the tele  and  get absorbed….”Little Fly “ by Esperanza Spalding,  Enjoy!!

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One Response to Esperanza Spalding, need I say more!

  1. XM says:

    This women is incredible. Well done.

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