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Upon a Mountain in Tinos

           Sometimes when I wake up I wish I were somewhere else. That seems to be happening most of the time especially when I see a utopia like this slice of heaven in Tinos, Greece. It’s not the … Continue reading

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Where did all the Gingers go?

            A.  M.I.A killed them. Literally she did in her video “Born Free” the U.K rapper has taken a whole new approach to spreading a political message that speaks volumes.  |The carnage doesn’t last long as she instills nine … Continue reading

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Ode to America

Many things written on paper don’t take shape until they are visualized in real life. Take for example  1960 black porches with its top off (can you visualize the sex that oozes from that car). Until you see that sexy beast in … Continue reading

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Defiance of Youth: illustrations by Abbey Watkins

Being young you tend to dream bigger, test more boundaries, and believe that more things are possible. Most have not hit the proverbial wall called adulthood, and are not plagued completely with thinking about mortgages, taxes and putting away money … Continue reading

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Works of Art: photos by Paco Peregrin

Sometimes when you look at an image you get nothing, nada, zilch, but there are other times when you look at an object, and it completely evokes an emotion you never knew was there. That in itself is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Not so happy after all

The opening words Once Upon a Time eludes to a fairy tale of mystery and magic and the inevitable Happily Ever After, but what if happily every after never comes? Photographer Dina Goldstein shows us her take on our beloved … Continue reading

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Lady of the hour Florence + The Machine

  On the heels of last weeks VMA (win for best art direction in a video) a band that I have been secretly in love with has now become public knowledge (I’m a bit selfish, I hate when that happens).  … Continue reading

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