Simply the Music :Review Ayo album titled Billie Eve


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Apart haunting my mind since 2006 this singer songwriter has definitely made an impression and continues to climb the charts in Europe.  Ayo (meaning “joy” in Nigerian Yorba) has been rendering her listeners at peace since I saw her in concert. Her vibe comes across just like her personality, peaceful, honest and sweet. Its ear candy

that has listeners tingling, from head to toe.

Ayo is the daughter of a Nigerian Father and Romanian Roma (Gypsy) mother she spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany. This explains the European feel her voice and her album produces. Her music is fusion of reggae, folk, and blues but ultimately her delivery is what sets her apart from the pact. Her girlish light but spot on vocals are primarily in English but touches of Nigerian pigeon.

 She sings and performs very simple songs, no need for the elctro beats, no need for a lights show, no need for costume changes; it’s all about the music. Her album Joyful contains sparse arrangements allowing, listening to quickly wrap their head around the theme of her songs, appreciate their uniqueness, clarity, strength and nuances of her voice. Her topic of choice is affairs of the heart but also tackle themes of self-doubt and depression.

Her latest album titled Billie-Eve  is a play on the word “believe” and pulsates to her own personal credo to always keep evolving. Recorded in New York with the help of exceptional musicians such as rapper Saul Williams and the bass player of David Bowie she is sure to take you on a musical journey that won’t stop until you’ve experienced emotion in your box of crayons.

Ayo is not going away; she will haunt you just like she has haunted me. Being haunted by music is not a bad thing especially when it comes with a guitar, percussion and an Afro beat. Her masterful way of intertwining her words into musical jewel-cases delivers soul and magic.

Keep a look out for Ayo, definately a keeper.


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One Response to Simply the Music :Review Ayo album titled Billie Eve

  1. Viktor Vaughn says:

    Rihanna, Corinne Bailey-Rae; please step aside! The true queen is here! Unbelievable talent and hauntingly unique and beautiful voice, Ayo has ushered in a new dawn in music. Not since Tracy Chapman in 1988 or Jill Scott in 1999 have we had a voice so refreshing and soothing as this…This is new soul, and I am completely in love!

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