New Album: Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes

It’s an interesting time when a girl becomes a woman. There is the physical aspect that can sometimes be unbearable, it pulls on the core of a child during a time when they are just starting to figure out who they are and can be downright awkward *sigh*. Then there is the mental side, it works in just the same fashion, and can be just as torturous. In the end the transformation is what makes you who you are. Swedish singer Lykee Li is all grown up, and its clear her sophomore album Wounded Rhymes has made and impact.

Usually described as girly girl upon her release of her 2008 debut album, Youth Novels, which fizzes and sparkles with pop beats, electro groves, meek cutesy coos has guaranteed her,  at the very least a cult following, and  a chance to be featured in Twilight. Not sooo bad Ms. Li.

Wounded Rhymes has taken her to a dark place. It’s a fearless collection for woman of today screeching with tales of vengeance and desolation. Li becoming more confidant as a writer and a more present singer is not holding back with defiance.

Li’s style is still present, by remaining stark and driven by syncopated handclaps and of  course kilter drums, but now, her sound bleeds with heartache that can be felt with each beat. It sounds as if she is casting spells, as head of a coven, instead of serenading daydreams with rainbows and lollies *aaaah soo good.*

Recommend track “Unrequited Love”,  is a thin, group ballad where Li’ morns for her heart as its shattered into pieces, only rifting with a single guitar with the most prettiest but fragile “shoo-wop’s” you’ll probably hear all year round *yes that is a challenge, find a better shoo-woop*.

It’s as disheartening as it is completely lovely. It’s a definite keeper for 2011.

Thank me later.



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