Images in water: Portraits by Marian Bolognesi

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 I was searching through my usual suspects, doing some research(not my actual work…ooopsie) I stumbled upon Marian Bolognesi’s  art work.  It’s so easy to just keep clicking away when your scanning websites to find what’s next, especially for the blog. Every once in awhile you stumble across something that just makes you pause.   Her strong sense of colour and the movement in her portraits permit spectators to feel the emotion portrayed on canvas. She strikes a chord with Chidi Okoye and African artist, who is also brave enough to use bold colours and is not afraid to paint outside of the lines. Her bio states “she hopes to capture beauty and emotion in her subjects without hindering the natural fluidity of her medium” and she has.

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Her medium is watercolours and while reading her blog, she admits that she should be trying out other means of visual communications, oil, pencil…whatever floats her boat, but just can’t seems to move past the medium that’s been the kindest to her. Talk about love at first stroke(mind out of the gutter lady and gents).

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I always find portraits arresting. They can completely render someone emotion and vulnerability with each method used to capture their subjects. They tell a truth that can sometimes be lost within images of a scene, and or groups. Something about being able to capture nuances and garner a certain sense of intensity. It is what it is, good, bad and ugly, there is no hiding when someone creates in HD

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 Currently Bolognesi  resides in Brooklyn New York and some of her pieces are for purchase on her web site .

Now that I got that off my chest check her out, see if you likey!


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One Response to Images in water: Portraits by Marian Bolognesi

  1. XM says:

    damn. Beautiful. Oh how my wall hungers for such beauty.

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