Modern day Frankenstein: giving images LIFE! Zaria Forman

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Every image that 23-year-old Zaria Forman creates sends me into sensory overload. Its tangible, it breathes, it tantalite’s the eyes, and I always, always leave each image in awe. I first discovered Forman’s images two years ago by chance. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw one of her stunning works of art. Of course I clicked and the lurking began! First things first is these images are NOT PHOTOGRAPHS! I repeat they are NOT PHOTO’S! She creates each image with her fingers. She smudges, draws and smears pastels across her canvas creating images that fools the senses into believing that your actually there.

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Forman creates landscapes. She immanently captures the breath of the Ice capped mountains of Svalbard Norway to the waters of Nosara Costa Rica, and every drawing seems impossible. I personally have never been to the Maldives or Israel and live in a country where the beach life is rare and last 2 months out of the year, but through her images I can imaging myself there. I can smell the air of the Maldives Island and sit on the beaches whenever I want. When it’s grey outside for five months straight her images breathe life and hope aspiring of a tomorrow. She provides a mental vacation.

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Zaria Forman image via

Or maybe it’s simply the water. Most of Forman’s pieces are images of large bodies of water. Crashing in, rolling, or just standing still. The moment she crates with her weapons of choice she brings life to stillness. We are beings comprised of 60% water so the attraction is one that is innate; a sort of spiritual awakening a connection.

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Maybe it’s the way the light reflects the ocean in her images. Her ability to capture light the way it shimmers bends and dances across the water at just the right spot giving a lifeless blank sheet of 8ft paper life. Haphazardly when looking at her prints I find myself trying to catch shards of light on my hand to feel its warmth,  only to realize it’s only an image.   Beauty with no beast. Magical.


Zaria’s prints can be purchased at

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