Well…I’m 5’5, 130 pounds and I pack a mean punch…*blam!*hahaha!! I feel like this is a response to a dating advertisment…*akward*. What does someone say about themself without being a tad bit narcissistic. I’m a writier, I love to travel, and I belive beauty can be found in everything, hence the blog title choses Belle, which loosley translates to things beautiful. I created this blog because I was tired of only seeing an aspect of beauty,that most are acoustomed to, be it in beauty advertisments, or magazines and a few other choice displays of beauty(I know you’ve heard this spiel before la-dee-da). So I wanted to show the other side, of course…from my point of view.
Hope I do this theme justice. I know its a huge theme to cover, but I promise to do my best.



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