Beautiful Burdens- Images by Alain Delorme

I struggle sometimes to find things that draw interest. Many things have been done already and are not nearly as gripping as the originals but these images have been haunting me since I laid eyes on them weeks ago. Their brilliant texture and juxtaposition of contrasting colours are dazzling, especially for those who have never been to China.


Its an open invitation to experience a glimpse of what we think we know about China verses what actually is.

In the series “Manufactured Totems” Alain Delorme, captures the crumbs that make up the cookie in every day life in Shanghai.

 Women and men ride their bikes around the city seem not to fade into the background even amongst its 1.3 billion residents.  These ladies and gents are migrants, from all over China, are the at the heart of these images delivering goods and services, thereby driving China’s growing economical power. Something about maintaining balance with their huge burdens, and the elegance with which they do it is captivating.

Alain Delorme a realist subtly shows a different aspect of reality, and offers a new view of the same picture. The mile high piles become living sculptures, moving works of art.

The images are polished and pristine but do not take away from the authenticity of their subjects. The vibrant colours jump off the screen like candy (yum!). Their brilliant colour  only highlights the unbelievable feats these people carryout each day.  

Maybe I’m just awestruck….but what-eves, the pictures remain glorious!

Take a gander!


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One Response to Beautiful Burdens- Images by Alain Delorme

  1. XM says:

    Loving every one of these shots. There is definitely a thick line between function and fun…….absolutely stellar!

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