Above the grit and grime, NYC rooftops

image from trendsetter

New York, equal s small spaces, roommates, and nightlife; but let’s concentrate on the first of the many foes and follies of living in New York… small space.  In a city where legroom is at a minimal and people don’t just live one, to a house or apartment, but two or more, it seems ignorant to expect a refuge to live amongst them.  Of course it makes perfect sense, that above all the grit, grime, hustle and bustle of the city their lives an oasis, duh… its New York many things are possible.

image from trendsetter

   Small spaces are not the norm for everyone because in New York there also lives… “CITY ROOF TOPS” (said in my best James earl Jones voice). Some Newyorkers are privy to have an abundance of space where none usually exists.  Some of the privileged few have given their room to produce some magical \retreats only privy to some, or those with a great camera! On that note, next time you’re in New York, being pleasantly suffocated with the sounds smells, and of course shopping you may want to look up. You may be in the presence of a “CITY ROOF TOP”, a bejewelled atrium, merging architectural sculpture and botanical madness. 

image from trendsetter

image from trendsetter

I’ve just given you a glimpse, of what resides in NYC; from here you’re ordered to dream of your very own haven that lives way above the chimney tops.


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