Where did all the Gingers go?




image from youtube


A.  M.I.A killed them. Literally she did in her video “Born Free” the U.K rapper has taken a whole new approach to spreading a political message that speaks volumes. 

|The carnage doesn’t last long as she instills nine minutes of fear, terror and brute force while annihilating the ginger race. This opens up a slew of questions and prickly issues that have been brewing for some time now.  Why ginger’s? why not Asians? why not blacks?Persians? She shows us it doesn’t matter if it ends in genocide. Minority racism exists, art is not mirroring life. Rounding up a particular group and ridding them from the earth staging a movement of controlled genocide is just plain wrong. 

A group of red headed young men arrive, are rounded up, and arrive at their unknown destination, some place in the desert.Without a sense of why, their only commonality  hair colour, they are told to run. Run for their lives though a mine field.  When one of the youngest can’t keep up, and pauses he is shot point-blank in the head. Although thought provoking and visceral on a whole other level, this very scene is what has got people all up in arms (what, children don’t die when a genocide takes place?) 

M.I.A is powerful and thought-provoking, more so than any other popular rapper in our time today. Through the images and topics touched upon in her videos she is trying to open up the channels of communication, and our way of thinking. Whether we like it or not, genocide, segregation, racism does exist, it’s just sad that only when rapper  M.I.A  segregates ginger people as a minority-the same as Asians, Blacks, Jews etc ..have been separated for years, there is an outcry of persecution. We don’t garner the same reaction when right now,  it’s happening around the world. 

Now……presenting the video…… 

Happy Watching..MR.

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