Ode to America

image from yatzer

Many things written on paper don’t take shape until they are visualized in real life. Take for example  1960 black porches with its top off (can you visualize the sex that oozes from that car). Until you see that sexy beast in person you don’t under stand how sexy a car can be….but I digress. Sebatian Errazuriz, a New York based artist has designed a public installation  called, ‘American Kills’ boldly displaying the suicide rates of the American soldiers that have passed in 2009.  After searching the WWW he accidentally found out that 2x more American soldiers died in 2009 by way of suicide than those killed by becoming a casualty of war. 

image from yatzer

image from yatzer

Shocked by his findings…he decided to create. Well….actually first he decided to post his findings on Facebook, but was shocked to find out that no one was particularly interested. He then bought black paint, and painted his finding in the real world, outside of his studio in Brooklyn, New York. Errazuriz climbed up his ladder, and marked a black strip for every dead soldier, until the lines were blurred between suicide, and war and one complete homage was rendered. 

image from yatzer

His comments on the y’s of his own work from an interview he did with yatzer “’the counting of dead soldiers outside my studio was long and surprisingly eerie; it was hard to forget that every brush stroke was a soldier who had died the previous year. a lot of people stopped to read the mural and were immediately impressed by the reality portrayed. Most of them seemed quite shocked and approached me to ask if what I was painting was real. I tried to explain that I simply wished to create a physical image that could capture people’s imagination, creating awareness of the current numbers in death, war and the infinite discrepancy between the resources and energies destined to fight and protect soldiers at war versus the energies invested in protecting their mental health and stability.‘- SR 

War is never pretty…thank god art is. 


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