Album Review: Authenticity

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Why are some songs so awesome?  That is a question that sometimes can’t be answered, but when things, yes, things magically fall into place its kismet, and this is where we segue to, The Foreign Exchange.   At the helm of FE, Phonte and Nicolay take R&B from the bottom shelf and place it in plain view, with their third album release Authenticity.  It’s a mood shift rather than a change in genre, leaving your heart vulnerable to the effects of love.

Authenticity, guides you through the ups, downs and the moments in between when dealing with love.  FE concentrates on how rare love is, and shows that when you do find love everything else does not matter.  A quick study of the album showcases  people hungrier for the illusion of the perfect “mmmmmm”(make the sound people) factor, rather than  what is actually in front of them, and dealing with just that. I know it sounding a little soft, maybe to tender for your liking, not to worry, Nicolay throws in some beef, and manages to keep things up tempo.  

Contemplative and darkly honest the duo captures the quality and signature feel from their last album Leave it all behind.  Phonte is no longer a stroke on the page of his album; he is the album, as he serenades us thoroughly allowing the virtue of his writing to shine through. Honest and authentic are perfect descriptive words to lend to FE’s body of work. No airs and leaving all the B.S at the door, Phonte insert himself into the psyche of love. He sits in its nuances, motivations, psychology and in essence the work of a relationship with such stealth, sophistication and more intelligence than  any of the R&B drivel played on most mainstream radio today.

Authenticity just adds to The Foreign Exchange legacy…. I say keep- em- coming!!

Ladies and Gents…. The Foreign Exchange:


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