Works of Art: photos by Paco Peregrin

image from stylebooming

Sometimes when you look at an image you get nothing, nada, zilch, but there are other times when you look at an object, and it completely evokes an emotion you never knew was there. That in itself is a wonderful feeling.  I live for moments like that, good or bad (of course only  this after it’s happened).   This is what I felt when I came across the work of photographer Paco Peregrin. His exaggerated shapes are creative, imaginative while the colours and make up are simply stunning.  They take me into a whole new world of fantasy,  art and drama. They make me see emotion and sometimes search the deep dark places. They project drama and whimsy and capture intense emotion.  They are brilliant! 

image from styleboom

image from styleboom


Born in Almeria, Spain he studied Fine Arts at Seville University, Photography in NYC, and finally Central Saint Martins College in London. He takes with him his studies and injects his work with all that he’s learnt exuding elegant, mysterious and disturbing characters that go against the grain. 

image from trendland

image from trendland 

Peregrins photography seemingly has its own stamp that can be recognized at first glance. His images carry a blend of sensuality along with a splash of avant-garde. They project a feeling only captured in dreams. He combines the latest fashion trends and his own personal concepts and reflects them in his work. 

image from trendland

image from trendland

Peregrin currently resides in Madrid, but his work can be seen worldwide in publications such as Glamour, Vanity Fair and FHM

Keep an eye out Ladies n Gents! 


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