Defiance of Youth: illustrations by Abbey Watkins

image from abbeywatkins

Being young you tend to dream bigger, test more boundaries, and believe that more things are possible. Most have not hit the proverbial wall called adulthood, and are not plagued completely with thinking about mortgages, taxes and putting away money for a rainy day. (Drum roll please) Introducing Abbey Watkins a 21-year-old from Manchester, London whose illustrations are just starting to get noticed in the world that is fashion. Her weapons of choice is mainly pencil, but from time to time dabbles in watercolour to sketch her images. 

image from abbeywatkins

image from abbeywatkins

A third year Textile Design student, Watkins is working on her illustrations and her blog Tobacco and Leather.  Not always the best compositions her work is continuing to evolve, and does have its own signature that in time I’m sure will be something to watch. 

image from abbeywatkins

Take a gander at her blog she post her illustrations and takes you through the process with some of her creations from start to finish. 

image from abbeywatkins


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