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What do you call an object with many sides, kind of like a golf ball, sort of like a stop sign? (Insert punch line here) an office. I know crazy. It was meant to be an office but it has become so much more, and  Manuel Villa Arquitecto is the brilliance behind this, technical ‘Polyhedron Pod’.  This space can be opened several different ways and allows for a habitable living. 

image from designboom

image from designboom

*Definition: A polyhedron (plural polyhedra or polyhedron) is a geometric solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges. Just in case you didn’t know* 

image from designboom

Never before have I seen something so amazing carried out in life.  The design features a wooden deck leading up to these glorious set of glass parlour doors. The furniture is built into the interior and includes a desk, cupboards, shelving and a bench. The teak walls are untreated and left natural, (makes sense, since this structure was made as an oasis in the back yard for a couple and their son….how lucky is he!)  The exterior is breathtaking, as its decked out in black with a honeycomb-pattern skin. 

image from designboom

image from designboom

I don’t know about this space just being an office but an outdoor hideaway to max and relax seems like the better bet. 

image from designboom

Scene:  You just got home on a Friday night work week is over, and its time to unwind. You step inside and your home and are struck by the many things that have to just get done; dishes, to many shoes occupying the doorway and the laundry just to mention a few things. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal….so what too do….you go to your fridge or cantina and pick out a brand new bottle of *insert name here* and begin to move outside where what waits for you is our out-door hideaway.  You get outside open up one of its sides and just chill, unravelling from the responsibilities of the day. 

Very yum! 


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