Papper- Sissors- Sculpt

image from Anna


 My eyes have been blurred and now coming out of the fog I realize, that these images are real and are the brainchild of Anna Wili-Highfield an Aussi who is based out of Sydney. Words cannot explain the image that emerge when Anna-Wili Highfield creates a sculpture but I’m gonna try.  Her main obsessions seem to be horses and birds each one masterfully strings together literally.  

image from Anna Wili-Highfield


Wili-Highfield, creates using cotton paper which she hand sews (I know crazy) together which allows the sculptors to take shape. With each stitch visibly shown, Wili-Highfield believes the unveiled is more intriguing than the veiled.  Her talent was discovered late one night while she was creating a gift for her unborn daughter.  She saw a stack of paper and started making a small wren.  Not realizing that she was on the brink of a new love, she just started creating, more and more.   

image from Anna Wili-Highfield


image from Anna Wili-Highfield


She received her education from  the National Arts School in Sydney, focusing on painting, and although she still paints, Wili-Highfield finds more of a kinship with her sculptures. She explains that painting creates constraints, and over thinking in her art, where as her sculptures allow her to simply create.  Her just creating is just fine by me.  What effortlessly flows from this woman’s thoughts into life can leave onlookers gobsmacked.  

image from Anna Wili-Highfield


 As she continues to sculpt and create her personality and feelings will be unleashed onto the world as one is completely different from another.  

image from Anna Wili-Highfield


Keep her on your radar and we expect big things to come, for now Wili-Highfield has her sights set on Bats……go figure!  


p.s go here for more info.

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